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Content Marketing Writer

Chicago Freelance Writer Betsy Storm

I’m Betsy Storm, a Chicago freelance writer, content marketing writer, and consultant for healthcare organizations, nonprofits, and small businesses — among other organizations. Writing is — quite literally — in my blood, a core component of my identity. An award-winning newspaper reporter, my father was an inspiration, a teacher, and a mentor. A fond memory: I taught myself to type at age 7 on his Olivetti manual typewriter. 

A talent for writing blossomed in my teens. As a journalism student at American University in Washington, D.C., I contributed regularly to the college newspaper and was awarded internships for both local and national news organizations. Luckily for me, my passion found me early. Career beginnings as a magazine editor led the way to content marketing roles for hospitals and other healthcare organizations as well as nonprofits and small businesses. I am energized by the fact that my field is always evolving and adding new tools. It’s the perfect motivation to continually polish my skills — and add new ones to my repertoire — so I can offer clients the knowledge, expertise, and creativity that produce optimal results.

As a Chicago Freelance Writer and Content Marketing Writer, I collaborate with businesses, organizations, and individuals to gain exposure, enhance their brands and reputations, and use communications to scale new heights. While I write with authority, my style isn’t overly formal (unless that tone is required). With sound research, a knowledge of the marketplace, and client input as my guides, I create content that helps individuals and organizations share compelling stories with the audiences they target. 
As an award-winning Chicago Freelance Writer and Content Marketing Writer, I am grateful for the gift of working with smart, innovative individuals and to continually challenge myself. 

I’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your needs for a Chicago Freelance Writer or Content Marketing Writer. A careful listener and a creative partner, I envision my role as that of a strategic partner. 

Reach out to me today at

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