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Healthcare Writer PR

Hiring a Nonprofit Freelance Writer or Health care Content Writer PR Professional

As the adage goes, past success is the best predictor of future success. A skilled Nonprofit  Freelance Writer and/or a Healthcare Content Writer PR Professional promotes an organization’s values, strengthens community relations, highlights an online presence, manages reputation, and capitalizes on publicity and related opportunities. It’s a specialized skill set, one that requires a seasoned expert.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Someone with Experience

Hiring an experienced Nonprofit  Freelance Writer and/or a Healthcare Content Writer PR Professional for your organization can make a world of difference. For example, the healthcare arena expands daily, both in its complexity and its cultural and economic presence. 

At the same time, the media landscape becomes more sophisticated, fragmented, and competitive every year. You need someone with a stellar record as a problem solver, someone who sees more than one solution to a problem, someone who doesn’t give up.

  • Someone Who Knows How To Share Meaningful Stories 

For example: One of my clients is a professional organizer. When I learned she was volunteering her time to help a local nonprofit that provides essential services to people facing homelessness, I pitched her contribution to a local newspaper. The organizer was featured in a full-page story, complete with photographs and high praise from the organization.

  • Someone with Passion


In 2014, I wrote a book titled “Bright Lights of the Second City: 50 Prominent Chicagoans on Living with Passion and Purpose.” I believe that a passion for storytelling is the engine that drives communications to its most compelling level. Let me help you tell your story — the one that makes you a standout in your field.

Contact me today at Let’s transform your ideas, goals, and dreams into realities.

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